A.P.U.S.H 2

A.P. United States History - 2


Get a 2 inch 3-ring binder
for class handouts, worksheets, study guides, quizzes and tests for the year. I believe that a binder will also help to prepare you for your college studies. This will be CRITICAL for your success this year!!

REMINDER: I HIGHLY suggest that you take 10-15 minutes per day viewing educational videos from our current unit of study throughout the year. These should be from APUSHreview.com, Youtube, (Crash Course U.S. History, American Pageant videos by Jocz Productions) or any website that helps you to better understand the material.

27 Identifications from Chapter 18 are due on Monday Sept. 17th. Take home quiz from chapter 18 is due on Wednesday Sept. 19th. Reminder that Chapter 18 test will be given in class AND chapter 18 outline is due on Friday Sept. 21st.

Immigration worksheet is due in class on Tuesday Sept. 17th.

Crash Course US History #25 worksheet is due in class on Wednesday Sept. 19th. My suggestion is that you watch it twice and answer the questions during the second viewing.

Chapter 18 test fill in the blank ID' are due on Monday Sept. 24th.

Identifications from Chapter 19 are due on Monday Oct. 1st. Reminder that Chapter 19 test will be given They may use their phones. on Friday Oct. 5th  AND chapter 19 outline is due c on Friday Oct. 5th.

Crash Course US History #26 worksheet is due in class on Wednesday Sept. 26th. My suggestion is that you watch it twice and answer the questions during the second viewing.

Do Now GEOGRAPHY TEST on the 39 states in the Union as of 1880 will be in-class either Wednesday Oct. 10th or Thursday Oct. 11th. You will get a word bank with the blank map of the United States.

Begin reading Chapter 20 in the textbook the weekend of Oct. 6th. Watch the video and complete the worksheet questions from Crash Course #28 which is due Thursday Oct. 11th.

Reminder that Chapter 20 test will be given in-class on Friday Oct. 19th  & chapter 20 outline is due IN-CLASS on Friday Oct. 19th as well.

Watch the video and complete the worksheet questions from Crash Course #27 which is due Wednesday Oct. 24th. Chapter 21 Identifications are due in-class on Friday Oct. 26th.

Progressive Era Personality Project is due in-class on Thursday Nov. 1st. Remember that the project consists of the Biographical outline, 3 power point slides AND a short oral presentation to the class.

Chapter 21 test on the PROGRESSIVE ERA will be a take home test on Friday Nov. 2nd AND chapter 21 outline is due IN-CLASS on Friday Nov. 2nd as well.



Read the book by Upton Sinclair entitled "THE JUNGLE" and answer each of the questions listed below. This will be turned in on the first Friday of school (September 7, 2018) and will count as a TEST GRADE. Each question should only require a sentence of two. You don't need to write a paragraph, just answer the question as I'm looking for you to enjoy the story. We will be also having an in-class QUIZ on the book so READ IT!!

Your other assignment is to read over and be ready to start on CHAPTERS 17 & 18 right away when school begins. The material is very interesting and will hopefully give you an idea of how the semester will start.

IF you didn't pick up an AP History TEXTBOOK, they will be available for pick-up in the main office this summer.

If you have any questions please email me through the school as I will check my email this summer and will return any email as soon as possible. See you in September!




Answer each of the questions below after you have read the corresponding chapter.

CHAPTER 1  What happens in chapter one? Describe the atmosphere and mood in this chapter.


CHAPTER 2   Why did Jurgis’s and Ona’s family decide to go to America?


Describe the neighborhoods of Packingtown.


CHAPTER 3   What is the purpose of the government inspector? Describe him.


What is Jurgis’s impression of the meat packing industry? What is yours?


CHAPTER 4   Describe the real estate agent. What is the family’s perception of him? What is your perception of him?


Why does the family prefer to buy rather than rent?


CHAPTER 5   How does Jurgis feel about his job? How does it compare to how the other men feel about their work?


How well is a good work ethic rewarded at the packing plants? How are the strong, hard-working employees treated?


CHAPTER 6   Why is it so important to Elzbieta to have a religious symbol in their home?


What does Grandmother Majauszkiene tell her neighbors about their house, the history of Packingtown, and work conditions at Packingtown?



CHAPTER 7   Describe the difficulties the family is encountering.


Describe the winter in Packingtown and how it affects the people, at work and otherwise.


CHAPTER 8   How did Jurgis “understand at last all their bitterness”?


Why was Jurgis more willing to join a union when he was approached a second time?


CHAPTER 9   What differences does the union make in Jurgis?


Describe the corruption presented in this chapter.


CHAPTER 10   Describe the perils brought by the summertime and heat.


How are the packinghouses like chattel slavery?


CHAPTER 11   Why did Marija wait in line at the bank? How long did she wait? What did she do with her money?


What is the “trap” referred to on page 116 that Jurgis falls into? What are the implications of this situation for the family?



CHAPTER 12   Describe the work experience of Vilimas and Nikalojus. What values do they learn at their work? From whom do they learn the “ins and outs” of their trade?


CHAPTER 13   What are the working conditions in the fertilizer plant?


This chapter begins the book’s comparison of Packingtown to a jungle. Describe the metaphor at the end of the chapter.


CHAPTER 14   “They had played the game and they had lost.” (p. 138) Explain this statement.


What jungle metaphor describes Jurgis at the end of this chapter? How does this characterization of Jurgis contribute to the feeling that he is now a victim and no longer has control of his life?



CHAPTER 15   What does Jurgis discover about Ona, and how does he come to discover it?


CHAPTER 16   Whom does Jurgis blame for Ona’s situation? What kind of person does Jurgis view Ona as? Is he correct in his assessment of her?


CHAPTER 17   How are the working men of Packingtown like wild animals?


CHAPTER 18   As Jurgis re-enters the city, it is black rather than white with snow. What is the significance of this?


CHAPTER 20   Just as Jurgis begins to feel hope, what is the next blow dealt to him?


CHAPTER 21   Jurgis once again feels hope and is once again dealt a blow. What has happened?


CHAPTER 22   How is the image of cows on page 211 a stark contrast to the past three years of Jurgis’s life?


Describe the life of migrant workers.


CHAPTER 23   How does Jurgis compare to the other beggars on the streets?


CHAPTER 24   What are some of the things that he sees and experiences for the first time on his adventure?


CHAPTER 25   What is Jurgis’s good fortune, and what difficulty does it present to him?


CHAPTER 26   What are the working conditions for scabs? How do they compare to those for regular workers?


CHAPTER 27   In light of his situation, why didn’t Jurgis leave the city?


CHAPTER 28   What explanation does Marija give for how women get caught up in prostitution?


CHAPTER 29   Describe the essence and purpose of the Socialist party. What appeal does this have for Jurgis?


CHAPTER 30   How has Jurgis changed since his days of working in the meat packing industry?