Mrs. Wilkinson

Graphic Design


I. Basic Information about the course


A.  This course is designed to help further your knowledge in art by focusing on the elements of design and creating art using the computer program Adobe Photoshop.  The skills learned in this course are essential in the Commercial Art industry and may be used in careers such as: Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography, Art Director, Fine Arts Artist and more.


B. Through out this course we will focus on different methods of graphic design beginning with the basics and later moving onto advertising methods.


II. Learning Goals


A.  Students will be able to identify the elements of art, and successfully use them in creating completed projects either by hand or on the computer.  By the end of this course students should be able to identify these elements in Graphic Design, and recreate their own style of Graphic art.  Also students will be able to have a greater understanding of the computer program Adobe Photoshop.


B.  Students should be able to successfully work in groups and as individuals.  Also students will be able to create complex projects by hand or on Adobe Photoshop. 


III. Student Assessment/ Grading Policies


A.  Students progress will be measured through mostly performance based assessments.  Large and small project grades are very important in the overall grade average.  Also I do not grade based on talent, but I do grade based on effort.


B.  I will be grading the following:

            1. Large Projects - (not completed in 1 day’s class time) based on the higher level of thinking, creative and innovative concepts, continuous effort, and proper use of tools and materials including Adobe Photoshop. 


            2.  Small Group Projects – (by hand or on the computer) based on continuous effort, ability to work and share ideas with others, proper use of tools and materials including Adobe Photoshop, and proper utilization of time. 


            3. Midterm and Final Exams- will be project/performance based on material covered in class.  Both exams count as 10% of your final grade.



IV. Learning Activities 

A.  This course will contain: lecture, demonstration, guided practice activities, group work, individual projects and guest speakers.