Mrs. Wilkinson

Imaging and Photography


I. Basic Information about the course


A.  This course is designed to teach you how to look at and appreciate all types of photography; learn about the history and evolution of the photograph; and most importantly how to take a coherent picture by understanding the past and incorporating today’s technology.  


B. We will be utilizing certain technologies such as Cannon digital cameras and the computer program Adobe Photoshop for our creative ventures.  If you have your own Digital Camera you would like to use you are able to do so.


II. Learning Goals


A.  Students should be proficient in the computer program Adobe Photoshop.


B.  Students should be able to successfully execute many different types of photography.


C.  Students should be able to successfully capture all different types of subject matter.


D. Students should be able manipulate photographs using software provided.


III. Student Assessment/ Grading Policies


A.  Students progress will be measured through mostly performance based assessments.  Large and small project grades are very important in the overall grade average.  Also I do not grade based on talent, but I do grade based on effort.


B.  You will receive a weekly participation grade and project grades upon completion of each project. 


C.  You are required to keep a collection (or digital portfolio) of you work throughout the year.  This will have a great impact on your final grade.


D. Midterm and Final Exams- will be project/performance based on material covered in class.  Both exams count as 10% of your final grade.



IV. Learning Activities 


A.  This course will contain: lecture, demonstration, guided practice activities, group work, individual projects, guest speakers and field trips.



Example Only: (Changes may be made) Photography 1 Course Outline



1.         Intro to Course

2.         Brief History of Photography

3.         Brief Photoshop Review

4.         Before Photos

5.         Elements of design

6.         Line Photos


7.         Hallway Pass (Mini Portrait Assignment)

8.         Color – Triptych, Black and White w/ partial color, Intense Color, Toned down        color tone

9.         Name Project  (Shapes)

10.       Halloween


11.       Halloween Continued

12.       Macro

13.       Texture


14.       Motion Blur

15.       Motion Consecutive Shot


16.       Cubism

17.       Snowscapes

18.       Midterm Review


19.       Light Graffiti

20.       Shadows

21.       Macro Rose


22.       Shadows and Reflections

23.       Photoshop Tools for Photographers – Review

24.       Text assignment


25.       Repetition

26.       Looking through Water

27.       Sky / Landscapes


28.       Glass

29.       Self Portrait Hand



30.       Build and Review Portfolio