General Classroom Rules

General Class Rules and Regulations

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Digital Photography

Digital Photography II


 -  Students are expected to be on time, at their seats and ready to work prior to the bell.

-  Absolutely NO cell phones out where I can see them!!

-  Respect yourself.  Respect your classmates.  Respect your teacher.  That includes language and actions.

- Respect the classroom & materials: Any damaged or un-returned materials will be replaced by the person responsible for its misuse.

-    You need a pass to leave the room. Only 1 student will be allowed to leave the room at a time.

-    When I am talking you are not speaking and you are looking at me giving me your undivided attention.

- No food, drinks, or gum will be allowed near computers.

- Photo: The last ten minutes of each class will be used for clean-up. All materials must be returned in its original condition and put away NEATLY!

- You are not allowed to do homework or work for any other class!!

- You are not allowed to shop online, go on YouTube, go on Facebook/Twitter etc., play games or be on websites that do not pertain to class.  If you do so you will be blocked from these sites. Multiple offenses may result in loss of computer privileges.




-Mrs. Wilkinson