Rules Unique to Photography

  1. If you are using my cameras, memory cards, card readers or any other materials you must return them in the condition that you found them.
  2. Cameras memory cards, card readers, etc. must be put away NEATLY!
  3. Sign out memory cards.
  4. When taking pictures in the hallway:
    • Do so QUIETLY!
    • Do not interrupt, go into, or takes pictures of other classes.
    • Be back on time! 10 mins before the end of the period.
  5. When outside:
    • Stay where I can see you
    • Watch the time and come by me when it’s time to go in or when I call.
    • DO NOT talk with other classes outside!
    • DO NOT talk to or take pictures of the Harding kids when you are outside!
  6. You must upload your pictures as soon as you come back in theclassroom every time.
  7. You must bring your memory card with you every class!!!