Syllabus (9th Grade US History I)

Mrs. Joelle Pizzano (formerly Ms. Krake)

US History I Course Information and Procedures J


Course Overview

United States History I is organized to familiarize the student with United States history from about 1860-1939. The units to be studied are Antebellum and the Civil War, the Development of Industrial U.S., Immigration, the Progressive Era, Imperialism, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and the New Deal. We will also discuss within these units how the U.S. became the country it is today because of these events and relate course information to currents events.


In this class, as in everything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. I am looking for effort and quality work. High school aims to prepare students for the “real world,” so expectations like being on time, working hard, and getting along with peers will be stressed.

Grading Policy

  • Major Assessments (50%): tests, papers, projects, presentations, agendas (I’ll explain those later), etc.
  • Minor Assessments (30%): quizzes, small writing assignments, political cartoon analysis, etc.
  • Alternate Assessments (20%): homework quizzes, “Do Nows,” and class work

Late/Absent Policies

  • If absent on a day work is due or on a quiz/test day, the work must be handed in on the day of return, and the quiz/test must be made up on the day of return.
  • If a student is absent, work he/she missed during the absence must be handed in within two class days of the absence for full credit. If work is not completed within two class days of the absence, refer to the next bullet point.
  • Assignments that are forgotten or completed late will be assessed late penalties of -10 points for one day late, and -20 points for two days late. WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER TWO DAYS, and will result in a ZERO. Come see me to get any work you missed during an absence. It is your responsibility to keep track of your missed work, not mine.


The reading of material, the practice of skills, and the reinforcement of content is critical to a student’s academic development. Work completed at home is an extension of the learning that occurs in the classroom. These assignments are the student’s responsibility and will be evaluated through performance-based assessments. Students and parents can monitor academic progress via the Genesis Parent Portal at their convenience.

I will be posting homework information on my webpage throughout the year.

Materials Needed

  • Notebook and folder OR 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper
  • Black or blue pens and #2 pencils (required for multiple-choice tests/exams)
  • Planner (or some way to stay organized and track when assignments are due; students will also be instructed to download the Remind 101 app on their phones to receive assignment updates and due dates)

Rules and Procedures

  1. Treat others with the same respect you would want for yourself.
  2. Effort is a must. Show me that you care, and work hard towards success. This goes a long way.
  3. Come to class on time (in your seat when the bell rings, not running in as the bell is ringing)
  4. Bring required materials and assignments to class (not left in your locker) every day.
  5. Bathroom breaks: the more you are in class, the better your chance of success is, so use passes wisely.
  6. Allow for a proper classroom learning environment. Excessive talking, noise, and other disruptive behavior takes away from your peers’ and your right to an education. Plus, no one likes detention L
  7. Personal cell phones, IPods, and other electronic devices should be turned off and put away, unless permission is given to use them for educational purposes. (If I see it, it goes in Phone Jail L)
  8. Continue working and be in your seat until the end of class. (I dismiss you, not the bell)
  9. Fire Drill: line up quickly and quietly. Exit the school through the designated doors to the designated destination. Remain there until we are signaled to do otherwise.
  10. Lockdown: all doors will be locked quickly. The lights will be turned off. Move quickly and quietly to a corner of the room away from the door and windows. Remain quiet during the entire drill.

I reserve the right to add more rules/procedures to this list as the year goes on as I see fit. Just because something is not on this list right now, does not mean it is insignificant.

One last thing…I am in different classrooms throughout the day, so if you need to come see me, you can find me in Room 155 before and after school. Also, you could email me at Please allow 24 hours for a response. I encourage you (and your parents) to contact me throughout the year when you have questions and/or concerns.